"My work behind the lens as a photographer, and in front of the camera as an actor has taught me that the goal of an image should not just be that it is flattering, but that it speaks." - Toranj Kayvon
Headshots and PR images are for actors and business professionals who require imagery that captures their confidence, a glimps of their talent, and their approachability.
"For Actors I believe that two types of imagery are important. The first type are professional headshots as per industry standards to showcase the actor in their best, most natural and authentic way. Whether you are new or experienced in front of a still camera, we will work together to inspire the best energy from you. 
The second type of imagery that I love doing for actors, is what I call my "Screen Presence Portraiture". For me as an actor it's important that my images capture not just how I look, but my inner life. I believe every actor needs this type of imagery because it showcases an actors ability to exude their inner world and emotions through their eyes. Acting doesn't require dialogues, and in Screen Presence Portrait sessions I work with my fellow actors to capture their on screen talent so that they have impactful images to use on their social media, resumes and PR. Screen Presence portraiture is also a space where I get to play more with my talent and bring in some allure and glamour for some shots. In this space we can also play with different emotions to capture imagery that has the emotive feel of a movie still. 
Whether we are shooting professional headshots, or Screen Presence Portraiture, the most crucial aspect of my captures are my actor's eyes because that is where the personality and emotions are. 
I extend the same importance to eyes and body language to business professionals, because when you are the face of your business, our goal is to capture imagery that speaks and expresses your best without any dialogue. Our brains are designed to read certain subtleties of face and body language subconsciously that determine whether we trust someone, or don't, whether someone is confident, or not and more. With my training and education in body language and emoting, I work with my clients to create images that represents them in their most confident, warm, and approachable manner."
                                                       -Toranj Kayvon